Fashion Jewellery & Indian Jewellery

The key to completing any look in fashion is all about accessorising and using jewellery is a great way to do this. Jewellery is great for accessorising Western outfits and is also an essential and traditional part of Indian and Asian fashion.

Fashion jewellery can transform any outfit from looking ordinary to the most glamorous outfit in the room. Bollywood fashion is a great example of this.

Indian fashion jewellery is having a large influence on the fashion and jewellery industry in general with many Indian jewellery designs being used world-wide.

There are many types of jewellery used in Indian fashion – some of this jewellery is commonly available and other types of Indian jewellery is specific to Indian fashion.

Fashion Jewellery - Earrings

Fashion Earrings are the must have with any outfit. Big earrings are high fashion and there are many different types available. There is no limit is terms of size, shape, colour or design. There is a real mix from glamorous jewellery through to retro-chic.

Indian design influences are being used all around the world in fashion earrings. Indian fashion earrings are often bright & colourful, use beads, stones, pearls & sequence - all for embellishment. All different types of finish are also in fashion right now from gold, copper, brass, silver through to metallic.

Fashion Jewellery - Necklaces

Fashion necklaces are the key to jazzing up any outfit and for any occasion – from daywear through to formal wear.

As with earrings, Indian fashion and Western fashion are using a wide range of Indian influences in fashion necklaces. With necklaces it is often best to choose a signature piece that is eye-catching and accessorise around this.

Everything in necklaces is in fashion right now from glamorous necklaces through to stone necklaces, chunky necklaces, bead necklaces, heavy necklaces, metal necklaces, bright coloured necklaces, charm necklaces, elegant & classic necklaces, long and short necklaces.

More traditional Indian necklaces use a wide range of traditional Indian designs and are often heavier and very distinct in design.

Fashion Jewellery – Traditional Indian Sets

Traditional Indian sets are worn all around the world to accessorise Indian and Asian outfits and in fact any type of outfit. A traditional Indian set always comprises a matching set of earrings and necklace. The Indian set may also have additional pieces of matching jewellery such as a traditional tikka (jewellery which dangles on the forehead of a woman) or a ring.

Traditional Indian sets are available in a great range of styles. Asian Brides or Indian Brides will traditionally wear Indian sets made from real gold on their Wedding day – although artificial Indian sets are just as commonplace for the modern Indian bride or Asian bride.

Indian sets made from silver are also commonplace although these days we are seeing sets made from a wide range of materials and using a wide range of stones, sequence and beads. Stone sets and pearl sets have seen a real revival of late.

Traditionally, an Asian or Indian woman will have a range of sets (different styles, colours and designs) which she can match to any of her outfits. Different parts of Indian sets can also be mixed and matched to accessorise a wide range of outfits and do not need to be worn together as one set.

Fashion Jewellery - Bangles

In Indian or Asian fashion, bangles can be split into two categories – fashion bangles and traditional Indian bangles.

Fashion bangles can be worn individually or collectively and with any type of outfit – with both Indian clothes and in Western fashion. Many different types of bangles are in fashion – thick chunky bangles or thin collective bangles worn in sets of six or less.

Both subtle and bright coloured bangles are in fashion – using any metal finish – gold, silver or brass.

Traditional Indian bangles are a symbolic piece of jewellery that has been worn in Indian fashion for many centuries and still form an important part of Indian culture. An Indian or Asian bride will normally wear bangles on her Wedding day – as a long standing tradition. Bangles are not limited only to the Bride – all female wedding and party-goers will also wear bangles to accessorise their outfit and they are seen as a symbol of celebration.

Again traditional Indian bangles can be worn as single bangles or will often come in a set of twelve bangles or more. Indian bangles are often worn to match an outfit and are available in a range of colours, designs and styles. Charms and stones are often used to decorate the bangles.

Bangles are a simple and easy way to add glamour and accessorise your outfit.

Fashion Jewellery – Bracelets

Fashion bracelets are a great way to accessorise your outfit and can be as simple or glamorous as you like. Charm bracelets, beaded bracelets and sequence bracelets are all currently popular in fashion jewellery.

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