There are three main types of suits that come under the generic heading of Indian suits.

The first is the traditional salwar kameez suit which has been around in India and other parts of Asia for many centuries. The salwar part is the bottom half of the outfit and similar to trousers. The salwar is tied around the waist or hips and gathering around the top of the salwar provides a clear defined shape for the salwar. The salwar will normally have a crease down the front of the salwar from top to bottom – as a pair of trousers would have.

The style of salwar worn changes from season to season as the fashion trends do with Western trousers. For example from baggy and flared, to more fitted.

The kameez is the top or shirt part of the outfit. The shape and style of the kameez is dependent on the type of outfit. There are many styles and types available. They type of kameez worn changes continuously with fashion trends – for example from long to very short.

A salwar kameez suit comes with a dupatta. The dupatta is a type of scarf or stole and in contemporary Indian fashion can vary in size from scarf size to the traditional much larger size. The dupatta style is dependent on and matches the salwar kameez suit.

Again many types of salwar kameez are available from casual through to formal wear and from simple embroidery to heavy detailed embroidery. All this is dependent on the wearer and the occasion.

Another popular type of Indian Suit is the chudidaar suit. This is similar to the salwar kameez and is also a three part outfit.

The kameez again varies in shape and style depending on current fashion trends. The chudidaar part is the part that differs from the salwar. The churidaar is more fitted on the leg – rather like ‘skinny’ jeans or trousers and is often gathered from the knee downwards.

The churidaar suit has seen a fashion revival of late and remains a popular choice in Indian outfits.

The final type of Indian suit – the Indian trouser suit is a modern design, which has stemmed from Western trousers. Trouser suits started out being more popular in Western countries but now also have a popular following in India and Asian countries.

The Indian trouser suit is simply an Indian style tunic worn with a pair of matching trousers and accompanied by a matching dupatta.

Again the range and types of trousers suits vary greatly in style – from casual through to evening/formal wear and light or heavily embroided suits. More high fashion trouser suits also explore the use of many different cuts and styles. The Indian trouser suit can be made from any material and is very versatile – suitable for a wide range of occasions.

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